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Martin is a neurotic web designer taking baby steps out of the isolation of his one-room apartment and his virtual reality. Mariana is an artist fresh out of a a long relationship. They are perfect for each other, live on the same street, in opposite buildings, but they never meet. Can the movement of a modern city of three million people bring them together?

2011Drama95 minPlay
7.3Chinese Take-Away

Chinese Take-Away

A comedy that chronicles a chance encounter between Robert and a Chinese named Jun who wanders lost through the city of Buenos Aires in search of his uncle after being assaulted by a taxi driver and his henchmen.

2011Comedy93 minPlay
5.7El sexo de las madres

El sexo de las madres

2012Drama0 minPlay


Nachi is a twenty-six years old dissatisfied with her present. But when she meets Nina, a rapper with whom she has her first lesbian experience, she has an opportunity to rethink her life.

2016Drama63 minPlay
6I Will Live With Your Memories

I Will Live With Your Memories

A poetic investigation into the possibilities of cinema, recovering the truth of the things that are see on the screen and reminding viewers of the persuasive power of the image, that sensitive magma where the dead dance and find their voices again.

2016Documentary62 minPlay


Ambition, labour exploitation, environmental pollution, human degradation, surplus value, corruption and much much more can be found in the amazing world of the free market.

2016Animation9 minPlay
8Error 404

Error 404

When the internet goes down and nobody's sure how to fix it, the office staff finds themselves lost with nothing to do.

2016Comedy13 minPlay
5The German Neighbor

The German Neighbor

In 1960 Adolf Eichmann was kidnapped in Argentina and taken to Israel to face trial. In 2016, Renate -a young German translator who lives in Buenos Aires- is hired to translate it. Her work shows the unusual life and remarkable trial defense of Eichmann.

2016Documentary94 minPlay
4.2Disco Limbo

Disco Limbo

A young man briefly meets another young man in a party and loses sight of him after a experiencing a quick crush. The search begins, with both love and exorcism. With the help of a girlfriend who now lives far away but keeps him company in her own way, he tries to find him in parties and similar situations to that of their first encounter. But none of this is actually what it seems. Disco Limbo plants its flag on common fiction grounds and creates its own language, made of mountain ...

201670 minPlay
8Santiago’s Theorem

Santiago’s Theorem

In 1969 Argentine filmmaker Hugo Santiago directed Invasión, his opera prima, written by Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares, and later settled in France. This film documents his return to Buenos Aires in 2013 to shoot his latest film, Le ciel du centaure.

2016Documentary93 minPlay
5.5El sacrificio de Nehuén Puyelli

El sacrificio de Nehuén Puyelli

Nehuén Puyelli and his family are of Mapuche origin, Ramón Arce purges the end of a long condemnation, both men cross their destinies in a framework of confinement, as a result of the judicial corruption prevailing in a Patagonian city. A vindictive and wealthy mother makes use of all the resources at her disposal in order to bring Nehuén to a limit situation.

2016Crime90 minPlay
7Dead Man Tells His Own Tale

Dead Man Tells His Own Tale

Angel is one of those typical macho’s who does not hold women in high regard. With his fancy talk, his tight suit and his fashionable job as a director of publicity spots, he has ample opportunity to grab as many young aspiring actresses by the pussy as he can. His wife and kid are left to deal with the consequences. This is now drastically coming to an end. One night, when there’s once again not enough blood flowing through his brains and too much through his nether regions, he walks into ...

2016Comedy80 minPlay
0Existir sin vos. Una noche con Charly García

Existir sin vos. Una noche con Charly García

It portrays the meeting between a young filmmaker and Charly García on a summer night in 1994 at the studio of Fitz Roy and Córdoba, where the musician performed extensive night rehearsals without interruption, wrote the lyrics at the time, practiced them for hours and recorded them on tape with the analog equipment of the time. This film brings together chamber confessions, details of the composition and sacred respect among talented musicians, as well as acrobatic exercises in the pool. A ...

2016Documentary65 minPlay
10En busca del muñeco perdido

En busca del muñeco perdido

2016Adventure90 minPlay
2A Shanghai Bride

A Shanghai Bride

Two slackers that struggle to survive in the streets of modern China will face many problems when they are hired by a ghost to take a coffin, stolen from the local cemetery, across the big city of Shanghai in order to reunite a couple of lovers in the afterlife.

2016Comedy73 minPlay
5.3The Daughter

The Daughter

The Amado's decide to spend a weekend at the family's country home, but the plan is disrupted when Dominga, the Amado's cleaning woman, gives birth to a baby in the middle of a family gathering.

2016Drama89 minPlay
5.1Fabrizio’s Initiation

Fabrizio’s Initiation

In the heat of summer, Fabrizio is desperate to find the right time and place to make out with Nadia, his longtime girlfriend. With frustration building because his best laid plans are constantly getting interrupted, he comes up with a novel solution — but it will take more than just one teen boy to make it happen.

2016Comedy16 minPlay
0Ciudad Remota: parte uno

Ciudad Remota: parte uno

Sara arrives in an empty apartment that she has to show a potential buyer. A voice disturbs her.

20162 minPlay
0Un video de diez años

Un video de diez años

An old video captures a teenager's vacation in the mountains.

20164 minPlay
0Los ausentes

Los ausentes

An old man, facing a housing problem, goes back to the place where he was raised. He starts to lose his mind, his memory slowly fades and confusion installs in his brain as he travels through those known landscapes.

2016Drama96 minPlay
0Reemplazo incompleto

Reemplazo incompleto

A man loses his dog, his mother dies and his wife leaves him. It's a comedy.

2016Comedy62 minPlay
0January Sun

January Sun

An island woman trapped in her silence lives in one apparent obsession. Meantime she draw female bodies on a paper. The intensity of his desires lead to her to fall in confusion to mix up his reality with his fantasy.

201614 minPlay
5.2When Death Plays Dice

When Death Plays Dice

Four co-workers go to make a barbecue on an island. After getting drunk, one of them accidentally dies in a game. While attempting to dispose of the body, their job's assistant unexpectedly arrives to the island.

2016Comedy91 minPlay
0Latitud 55º Sur

Latitud 55º Sur

Expedition to Peninsula Miter, extreme south of the American continent. Throughout, this land of dramatic landscapes is revealed through the testimonies of its few inhabitants and their extraordinary lives.

2016Documentary62 minPlay