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8Une affaire de nègres

Une affaire de nègres

2009Documentary0 minPlay
0Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman

A young black woman searches for the face of her community in film posters. Her obsessive search leads her to the brink of madness.

20106 minPlay
6.9White Material

White Material

Amidst turmoil and racial conflict in a Francophone African state, a white French woman fights for her coffee crop, her family and ultimately for her life.

2010Drama102 minPlay
6.5Sleeping Sickness

Sleeping Sickness

Ebbo and Vera Velten have spent the better part of the past twenty years living in different African countries. Ebbo is the manager of a sleeping sickness programme. His work is fulfilling. Vera, however, feels increasingly lost in Yaounde’s ex-pat community. She can’t bear the separation from her 14-year-old daughter, Helen, who is attending boarding school in Germany. Ebbo must give up his life in Africa or he risks losing the woman he loves. But his fear of returning to a land now remote ...

2011Drama91 minPlay


Examines the relationship between Ekema and his heavily pregnant wife, Joffi. When there is a mysterious role reversal of the sexes in their Cameroonian village, Ekema experiences a day as a pregnant man—throwing a whole new light on his view of Joffi’s feelings.

2013Comedy26 minPlay
0Naked Reality

Naked Reality

An experimental Afrofuturistic fable centered around Wanita, a mysterious young woman who embarks on a journey of discovery that might just save humanity. One hundred and fifty years in the future, Africa has become a single, sprawling metropolis controlled by a race of immortal beings, and full of regular mortals dying from a disease called Bad Luck. As Wanita leaves home one morning, a prayer to her ancestors unwittingly starts her on a path to the Dimsi — another dimension, invisible to ...

201662 minPlay


Between the 6th of April and the 4th of July 1994, the genocide of the Tutsis and the massacres of moderate Hutus killed about one million people in Rwanda. In Ntarabana in northern Rwanda, Rugwiza Froduald and Mukankundiye Anne-Marie hid and protected Tutsis at the risk of their lives.

2016Documentary90 minPlay