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0Recordando a Hugo Díaz

Recordando a Hugo Díaz

Documental about life & work of Hugo Díaz(1930-2001), a Costa Rican caricaturist

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0The tired skin

The tired skin

A seven-year-old boy awakens when a voice announces that his father is suffering from a sudden illness. His modest daily life is then transformed by visions of a giant mosquito, masked sprayers producing thick smoke screens, and a woman who distributes warnings throughout the neighborhood.

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A smart poor girl and a inmature rich boy get their life twisted when they accidently have a baby.

2009Drama91 minPlay
6.1Of Love and Other Demons

Of Love and Other Demons

Based on Gabriel García Márquez's novel, this is the unsettling story of 13-year-old noble Sierva and the dog bite that changes her life forever. Abandoned, displaced, in the midst of a sexual awakening and finally exorcised, Sierva finds an unlikely ally in a young priest and together they discover passion.

2009Drama95 minPlay
0She wore a yellow dress

She wore a yellow dress

San José of Costa Rica, beginning of the XXI century. A man with the appearance of an office worker travels alone in a train car. He accompanies his loneliness with an old tie until a woman in a yellow dress sits in front of him. Then a game full of curiosity, of small and unexpected disagreements, of closeness and silences begins between the two.

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5.5The Accursed

The Accursed

Surprised by an unexpected witness, robbers murder a woman who curses them. Little do they know of her connection with a treacherous sect indeed. Their chosen location to hide the loot turns out to be an adventure lodge where the owners are offered a talisman that supposedly grants wishes. Naively, they wish for a sum of money. Next day their beloved son unexpectedly dies. The exact sum they wished for is offered in accident insurance. Coincidence, or fate? The event lures the couple into a ...

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5.2Cold Water of the Sea

Cold Water of the Sea

On New Year's holidays, Mariana (21) and Rodrigo (30) drive to the coast where he has to sell a property. There, they find Karina (7), late at night and in the middle of nowhere. She tells then she ran away from home.

2010Drama83 minPlay
4.9The Sanatorium

The Sanatorium

A group of friends decide to make a documentary about the ghosts that are supposed to be haunting The Sanatorium in Costa Rica, things get creepy when the arrive to the place.

2010Comedy73 minPlay
0i mae

i mae

Gaby and Elena are two young Costa Rican university students with dreams, plans and a troubled relationship with their respective partners. Both are invited to attend a picnic to celebrate a friend's birthday. The conviviality will last until the night and will show the complex and confusing reality that the youth of the country lives, where individualism, apathy and conformity abound. That long day, only one of them will make the right decision. iMae was made thanks to the support of Bayer ...

2011Drama22 minPlay


A documentary about Guanacaste,Costa Rica, told by six artists

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10Day of Fury

Day of Fury

The decisions of six individuals collide during a day out of control, where they seek to change what seems inevitable. Michael gets into serious trouble when he has to settle a debt with Tony, a peculiar criminal. Rafael fulfills his dream of being a cop, but discovers that the job also involves testing his ideals. Manuel and Arthur are two students who discover that the way to make easy money does not always Java a point of return. Sergio carries the weight of the death of his brother and ...

2013Crime63 minPlay
5Filosofía natural del amor

Filosofía natural del amor

Insects mate, stories are born. The concept of “love” gets put under the looking glass in this captivatingly maverick film. Manuel, a lonely 36-year-old, begins an unusual friendship with the much younger Alma. A young foreign couple set out on an idyllic backpacking trip in Costa Rica. A Mexico City taxi driver visits a dive bar where he meets a sexy lounge singer. Vicente runs into an old classmate from high school and has something profound to share with her. Meanwhile, throughout ...

201377 minPlay
9Two Waters

Two Waters

Patricia's Velásquez's feature debut follows a Costa Rican boy who hopes to attend a soccerschool his family cannot afford -but that his brother is determined to sen him to by any means necessary. Two Waters is a beautiful tale of friendship and loss, moral compromises great and small, and the persistence of dreams.

201470 minPlay
6Italia 90

Italia 90

A drama that center's around 5 soccer players from Costa Rica, that qualifies for the first time to a World Cup. With no support, they must face the most important challenge ever, prepare themselves to play the first official World Cup match.

2014Comedy105 minPlay


After meeting at a party, Luciana and Pedro... embark on a spur of the moment journey together that takes them to the forest. Asthey explore the beauty in the nature that surrounds them, they camp out under the stars, go on hikes, indulge in the passions of their encounter, and discuss their personal beliefs surrounding love, obligations, and attraction. Lensed in lush black-and-white cinematography amidst the gorgeous backdrop of the Costa Rican forest, an honest and genuine relationship ...

2015Drama70 minPlay
5.5Ovnis en Zacapa

Ovnis en Zacapa

UFO sightings are reported in northeastern Guatemala. Rober Daneri a frustrated college professor along with the production team of a sensationalist TV show embark on a supernatural journey across the thin boundary between blind faith, self-delusion and the unknown in search of truth.

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6Violeta al fin

Violeta al fin

Recently divorced, 72-year-old Violeta lives alone in her childhood house, tending to her lush tropical garden and making plans to turn her property into a boarding house. When she discovers the bank is about to take away her house, she breaks all the rules to hold onto her home and her freedom.

2017Drama87 minPlay
7.3Buscando a Marcos Ramírez

Buscando a Marcos Ramírez

'Buscando a Marcos Ramírez' is about a Costarican from the countryside that loses his mother and starts living with his grandfather. He starts going to a new high school which means new challenges. As he tries to achieve his life goal of becoming a professional soccer player. In the meantime, he looks for himself, for what he really is, and want to do with his life.

2017Comedy129 minPlay
6.8Amor Viajero

Amor Viajero

2017Comedy0 minPlay
8.3Keylor Navas, Hombre de Fe

Keylor Navas, Hombre de Fe

The story of real life Costa Rican goalkeeper Keylor Navas, from his humble beginnings in his home town to his rise to greatness as an elite soccer player.

2017Drama98 minPlay
5Lightning Falls Behind

Lightning Falls Behind

Hernandez had already made films in Guatemala and Mexico and this time found inspiring locations, unusual atmosphere and enthusiastic young people in Costa Rica. In this consciously unpolished film, the rebellious girls Sole and Ana open the trunk of a car in grandma’s garden and find something they’d rather immediately forget.

2017Drama82 minPlay