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6.2Juan of the Dead

Juan of the Dead

While Havana is full of zombies hungry for human flesh, official media reported that the disturbances are caused by dissidents paid by the United States. Panic seizes all until Juan comes to the rescue: he discovers he can kill the undead destroying his brain, and decides to start a small business under the slogan "We kill your loved ones."

2011Comedy92 minPlay
0Molina’s Rebecca

Molina’s Rebecca

Josefa and Abelardo is an old couple wracked by monotony. She is quite authoritarian, and he is always trying to please her, only achieving herirritation. Sexual appetites have been decaying over the years, mostly in Josefa; whose only pleasure is the soap operas she follows with great attention. One night, with the arrival of Rebecca, Abelardo's young and desirable niece, the routine of the marriage changes drastically.

2016Drama19 minPlay
0Like We Never Left

Like We Never Left

In search of a better future, Milay moved from Cuba to the United States with her parents, leaving her motherland for the first time. After struggling to build a new life there, the family finally visits Cuba, allowing Milay to fulfill her dream of celebrating her quinceañera in her hometown.

2016Documentary9 minPlay
6El techo

El techo

In the middle of La Habana, three friends meet on the rooftop day after day to discuss their dreams and aspirations. Though they lack the proper resources, they decide to start their own business, a decision that pushes them towards maturity, although at an unforeseen cost.

2016Drama75 minPlay
6.8Last Days in Havana

Last Days in Havana

The story of a friendship in a city on the verge of substantial change. Miguel dreams of settling in New York while he waits for a visa that never seems to arrive, and Diego, a HIV-positive homosexual man, puts his dreams and cheerfulness to good use in his struggle to carry on enjoying every single day of his life from a rickety old bed in his small bedroom.

2016Drama92 minPlay


Alfa, a famous porn actor, must deal with his fears, insecurities and memories when he begins work on a new film without Yerry, his former partner in life and porn. On his first day of shooting without him, Alfa tries to act as in the past but can things be like before? Javier Ferreiro's short film reflects on the difficult decision of letting someone go to move forward. ALFA is framed in the context of gay porn cinema in Cuba where pornography is banned but, little by little, it's growing ...

2016Drama18 minPlay
5.9Winds of Havana

Winds of Havana

The killing of a fiery young teacher sets Detective Mario Conde on the trail of a drug kingpin with ties to the high school he once attended.

2016Crime95 minPlay


Portrait of a ceiba tree.

2017Documentary3 minPlay


A brief history of the Cuban capital of Havana, backed by a vibrant soundtrack of son cubano, salsa, jazz, rumba, mambo and hip hop. Drawing on archive footage, animations, movie excerpts and interviews with Havana residents, eyewitnesses and experts, Habaneros runs through key moments in the city’s modern history, from the abolition of slavery at the end of the 19th century to the Spanish–American War, and from the dictatorship of General Batista to the revolution of Fidel Castro. The film ...

2017Documentary140 minPlay
8.8¿Por qué lloran mis amigas?

¿Por qué lloran mis amigas?

2017Drama0 minPlay


Freddy Maemura Hurtado, a second-generation Japanese-Bolivian, heads to Cuba to study medicine. He meets revolutionist Che Guevara. When civil war breaks out in Bolivia, he decides to join Guevara’s revolutionary army under the name of “Ernesto Medico”.

2017Drama124 minPlay
7.2Buena Vista Social Club: Adios

Buena Vista Social Club: Adios

In 1996, Cuban bandleader Juan de Marcos Gonzalez, British producer Nick Gold, and American guitarist Ry Cooder convened in Havana to produce a Cuban-Malian collaboration. When the Malians couldn’t get visas, the team turned their attention to reviving a forgotten generation of legendary son cubano musicians and formed an on-the-fly ensemble: the Buena Vista Social Club. Two decades since that fateful first session, we catch up to these master musicians, as they reflect on the magical ...

2017Documentary110 minPlay
7.6Cuba and the Cameraman

Cuba and the Cameraman

This revealing portrait of Cuba follows the lives of Fidel Castro and three Cuban families affected by his policies over the last four decades.

2017Documentary113 minPlay
6.7A Tuba To Cuba

A Tuba To Cuba

A son seeking to fulfill his late father’s dream takes his band from the storied city of New Orleans to the shores of Cuba, where — through the universal language of music — dark and ancient connections between their peoples reveal the roots of jazz.

2019Documentary82 minPlay
5.7Sergio and Sergei

Sergio and Sergei

In 1991, the USSR is falling apart and Cuba enters its hardest economic crisis. Sergio, a professor of Marxism who can't provide for his family, and Sergei, a Soviet cosmonaut stranded in the Mir space station, share a common passion: amateur radio. Through this hobby, both men will be able to help each other in facing the dramatic changes of their countries.

2018Drama90 minPlay
6.8Guava Island

Guava Island

Deni Maroon, a musician and dock worker is determined to pull off a music festival against the interests of the local factory owner.

2019Comedy55 minPlay


Fragments and minor moments coalesce and argue in this paean to overlooked and forgotten sketches. Recorded over five years in New York City, Berlin, Barcelona, Athens, New Orleans, Rome, Paris, Havana, Madrid, Budapest and Marseille. A shadow dances, a kite dives into the ground, a smoker exhales in a public market: this is a song about looking when you're not at all sure what you’re looking for. And a testament to the ethos of always carrying a camera even when you don’t know why.

2021Documentary14 minPlay
6.6Suite Habana

Suite Habana

Dawn breaks in La Habana, and as the day advances we follow the simple lives of ten ordinary Cubans, with only sounds and images accompanied by music.

2003Documentary84 minPlay