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Several years after losing his father, Inuk learns the way of his people again.

2010Adventure90 minPlay
5.8In Shadows in the Mountains

In Shadows in the Mountains

A group of young adults decide to spend the holidays hiking through Greenland's picturesque islands, but their trip takes a bloody turn when they begin to fall prey to an unseen foe. A transgressive journey into the world of Greenlandic genre cinema.

2011Horror121 minPlay
6.5Sumé: The Sound of a Revolution

Sumé: The Sound of a Revolution

A successful rock band from Greenland? Yes, it's not a lie. In 1973, the Greenlandic Sumé released a debut album, which record time made it to all the households on the icy island. But Sumé's success was not just due to their catchy beat rock, but also to the band's ability to put words to the zeitgeist, where Greenlandic culture was slowly fading away

2014Documentary73 minPlay


Thule, Greenland, also called Qaanaaqis, one of the northernmost towns in the world. As the climate warms and the ice caps begin to melt, the gentle balance of life for the people of this community is in jeopardy. On the other side of the globe, the melting ice caps are raising sea levels around the Polynesian island nation of Tuvalu, threatening to wipe the island right off the map. Though a world apart, these two communities are intricately connected as environmental balance begins to tip ...

2014Documentary96 minPlay
6.5When the Darkness Comes

When the Darkness Comes

Minik and Hans are best friends in their early twenties in Greenland. Minik being down and Hans trying to cheer him up they look for an some excitement and a break from the mundane boredom. They learn about a claimed local haunted house and decide to have a sleep over to see what is real and what is not.

2014Horror91 minPlay
6.3Journey to Greenland

Journey to Greenland

Thomas and Thomas are going through a rough patch: they are both thirty-something actors living in Paris. They randomly decide to leave the city and fly away to Kullorsuaq, one of the most remote villages of Greenland, where Thomas' father Nathan lives. Among the Inuit community, they will discover the charms of the local customs and their friendship will be challenged.

2016Comedy98 minPlay