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TV9Anime Selvagge

Anime Selvagge

2020Action300 minPlay
TV10From the Barn to the Track

From the Barn to the Track

Davide Cironi is an experienced test driver and a reference point for four-wheel enthusiasts. Dealing with ancient glories and old wrecks, he recovers battered cars from remote places with the aim of refurbishing them and bringing them to the track. To carry out each project, he uses the help of the best workshops around the country, because a real restoration does not only require time and dedication, but above all experience and great knowledge of the four wheels.

NRMotorTrend (IT)
2020Action minPlay
TV7.3SanPa: Sins of the Savior

SanPa: Sins of the Savior

Amidst a heroin crisis, Vincenzo Muccioli cared for the addicted, earning him fierce public devotion -- even as charges of violence began to mount.

2020Documentary55 minPlay
TV9A Patch by Lundini

A Patch by Lundini

A patch is something commonly used to cover a hole in a dress. Valerio Lundini is a Roman surrealist comedian, who is called every night to replace a programme that, for various reasons, cannot go on air -- he basically puts "a patch" in a TV schedule. But can he?

NRRai 2
2020Comedy24 minPlay
5.1The Last in the Class

The Last in the Class

Michele is not so successful at school, and with the girls he is desperately unlucky. To bring up grades parents hired him a tutor. While browsing the Internet, Michele discovered that his teacher posed nude for an erotic calendar. In exchange for good grades Michele agrees with the beauty to recreate the photoshoot in real life ...

2008Comedy90 minPlay
6The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Marco Baldini is a young man determined to become the voice of a major radio; he alternates between his job at Radio Deejay and his gambling addiction, that slowly consumes his life, his relationship with his girlfriend and his work skills.

2008Drama105 minPlay
6.3The Past Is a Foreign Land

The Past Is a Foreign Land

A promising law student from a good family is driven by a cool cardsharper into a downward spiral of criminality, thus discovering an evil part of himself he has never known.

2008Drama120 minPlay
0The End of Salò

The End of Salò

Documentary about the making of the film Salò by Pier Paolo Pasolini

2008Documentary39 minPlay
5.5L’ultimo padrino

L’ultimo padrino

A TV movie focused on former Mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano and the policemen who tried to catch him.

2008Crime200 minPlay
6Carnera: The Walking Mountain

Carnera: The Walking Mountain

The life of Primo Carnera a.k.a. "Ambling Alp", Italian professional boxer and the World Heavyweight Champion from June 1933 to June 1934, but also accused by some of having ties to the mob.

2008Drama125 minPlay
6.8Mid-August Lunch

Mid-August Lunch

Gianni is a middle-aged man living in Rome with his imposing and demanding elderly mother. His only outlet from her and the increasing debt into which they are sinking, are the increasingly frequent quiet sessions at the local tavern. As an Oriental saying goes, 'Moments of crisis are moments of opportunities'. These appear during the celebration of the holiday of Ferragosto on 15 August. That's when everybody leaves town to have fun. Opportunity knocks on Gianni's door in the most ...

2008Comedy75 minPlay
7.3We Can Do That

We Can Do That

The film follows Nello, the recently hired director of a newly developed work cooperative of former mental patients. After the closure of state psychiatric hospitals and asylums in Italy under the Basaglia Law many former patients were left with few resources and little hope of reintegrating into society. With the intention of actually improving the lives of his pupils, rather than just sedating them, Nello encourages them to expand their individual abilities and explore the wider world ...

2008Comedy111 minPlay
6.6As God Commands

As God Commands

A 14-year-old boy and his neo-Nazi dad are both outcasts in their suburban town.

2008Drama103 minPlay
4.5La fidanzata di papà

La fidanzata di papà

A man falling in love with a beautiful manager who live on Miami.

2008100 minPlay
5.6Questa notte è ancora nostra

Questa notte è ancora nostra

2008Comedy98 minPlay
5.8The Man Who Loves

The Man Who Loves

A man is broken hearted at the loss of his lover, then later visits the same pain on the next woman with whom he becomes involved.

2008Drama103 minPlay
6.9Giovanna’s Father

Giovanna’s Father

Bologna 1938 - Michele Casali is living a desperate situation: Giovanna, his only child, a teenager, has killed out of jealousy his classmate and best friend. Within the middle-class environment in which the crime has ocurred, the story provokes strong emotion and disbelief. Avoiding jail, she is determined to be mentally disturbed and therefore locked up in a psychiatric hospital in Reggio Emilia where she remains until the age of 24 years (1945). During this period of almost total ...

2008Drama104 minPlay
5.3Tell Me About Love

Tell Me About Love

Sasha is a boy in his twenties, deeply loving the beautiful Benedetta, who doesn't seem to recognize his existence. Nicole is a French woman in her forties, living in Rome with her husband. They casually meet and start a friendship which becomes a sentimental education foe the boy.

2008Comedy113 minPlay
5.8Amore, bugie e calcetto

Amore, bugie e calcetto

2008115 minPlay
5.9Grande, grosso e Verdone

Grande, grosso e Verdone

A comic movie divided in three episodes.

2008Comedy132 minPlay
4.5L’allenatore nel pallone 2

L’allenatore nel pallone 2

2008Comedy108 minPlay
6.7Just a Father

Just a Father

Carlo is a doctor that has recently lost his wife. Affected by the loss, he is supported by his family and friends, and, above all, for the love he feels towards his little daughter. And then, one day, he meets Camille.

2008Comedy89 minPlay
4.6A summer at the sea

A summer at the sea

2008Comedy0 minPlay
4.2Kick the Cock

Kick the Cock

Kick the Cock is an old Dutch saying, meaning Peek in the Kitchen.

2008Comedy16 minPlay