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0The Field

The Field

A father who is old and on his death bed calls his elders son, Bardhi. He advises his son that effort and hard work will ensure him a better future for his family. For the old man, land is everything. Just after the father dies, the younger son, Lis, turns up in the village. Lis has lived for eight years in the west European county and has lost contact with his family. The real reason he has returned is to sell off some of the family's land to pay off his debts to some characters from the ...

2016Drama25 minPlay
0Conversation on Life

Conversation on Life

The short film Conversation on Life reconstructs an event that happened to the movie hero, the writer Vulnet, when he was young. Vulnet describes his life story to his grandson Arbresh, who then, after a lot endeavors, prepares an adorable surprise his grandfather. Arbresh invites his grandfather on a joint trip to Kichevo and convinces him that this train journey will help him return to his writing and again become an idol to young readers. During the journey we get to know the life story ...

2016Drama17 minPlay
6.2And the Pain Remains

And the Pain Remains

100 years since the beginning of First World War. Locality - French cemetery in Bitola. State protocol. There are deputies, ministers, ambassadors, military attaches, consuls, honorary consuls, media present - Priests - Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim. - Military band. Jean Batiste Valerie, an old man of about 77 years of age, arrives in Bitola for the first time. Tiny, petite, with thin and gray hair, arrives late at the sad ceremony held in honor of the fallen French soldiers in the First ...

2016Drama14 minPlay
8Golden Five

Golden Five

This is a feature about one discontinued and one started love, with passion and betrayal floating between them. Kata and Djidji live their own life, escaping the absurd sins of the past. But then Alavantie discovers some new clues that lead to the case in which a group of students is liquidated. One of those 5 innocent boys had a relationship with Kata. The long kept secret is finally here. The end of damnation is approaching.

2016Drama83 minPlay
7.7Avec l’amour

Avec l’amour

A simple story, but larger than life portrayal of the universal human saga represented through Dionis, a retiring biology professor, his wife and his fantasy of turning his unusual car collection into a museum in a small uneventful town.

2017Documentary67 minPlay


When nomadic beekeepers break Honeyland’s basic rule (take half of the honey, but leave half to the bees), the last female beehunter in Europe must save the bees and restore natural balance.

2019Documentary89 minPlay