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0Happy Birth Death

Happy Birth Death

A group of girlfriends rent a mansion for a birthday party, only to find an uninvited guest...

2016Horror88 minPlay
7Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi

Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi

Aliff is a socially reclusive student who has an ability to see supernatural beings from another dimension. All along, he has learnt to ignore the spirits and never tells anybody about his ability, until he is unwittingly dragged into protecting his reckless, paranormal-seeking classmates Anna and Naim. Together, the three of them find themselves in a battle of epic proportions fighting other-worldly creatures.

2016Action100 minPlay
7Juvana 3: Perhitungan Terakhir

Juvana 3: Perhitungan Terakhir

A continuation of "Juvana 2: Terperangkap Dalam Kebebasan". This time, Botak, Daim and Ayam realise that the promise they have made with Raja to release Sara, Botak`s father and Apek`s siblings is only a trap. The mastermind behind the real kidnapping is Raja himself, who wants to take revenge on the people who caused him to go to jail. To make the situation worse, Raja pits the three of them against each other, and conflict ensues.

2016Action88 minPlay
0Lawak Ke Der 2016

Lawak Ke Der 2016

The 5th installment of Lawak Ke Der series brought to you by Hans Isaac featuring comedians such as Afdlin Shauki, Douglas Lim, Harith Iskander, Nabil Ahmad, Bocey, Sherry Alhadad, Jihan Muse, Rayza Mukmin and Syuk Balas.

2016Comedy135 minPlay


2016Horror0 minPlay
0Aisha dan Projek Dapur Ramadan

Aisha dan Projek Dapur Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, Aisha participated in a community service project organized by her company to provide food to the homeless. Originally she intended to join because she wanted to go on holiday. However, after meeting Aiman, a 10-year-old boy who had to work to support his mother and siblings, Aisha changed her mind and became sincere in doing her job.

2016Drama87 minPlay
0Anak Ibu Buangan Ibu

Anak Ibu Buangan Ibu

Hanim and Roslan adopted a daughter named Putri Aisyah when their marriage was not blessed with children. The love given to their daughter is like a full tank of oil. Everything looked beautiful until Putri's attitude began to change when she becomes a teenager.

2016Drama88 minPlay
0Dari Kerana Mata

Dari Kerana Mata

RAMZI, a magazine photographer who is often assigned to photograph beautiful, attractive and "happy go lucky" female models even though she looks modest. Despite having a beautiful yet attractive wife, he often falls in love with other women. Ramzi who has 3 sweethearts is often faced with a situation of finding tricks to deceive. Ramzi was hit by a motorcycle, causing his vision to turn strange and strange. Every young woman that Ramzi looked at was seen to be old while when he looked at ...

2016Comedy78 minPlay
0The Rejection

The Rejection

A short documentary concerning ‘Punk’ homeless group of young adults in Kuala Lumpur, in an effort to uncover the everyday life and routine, the feelings and possibly the ground of these issue. In this movie, Pekin dressed up like a ‘punk’ and hang-out with these young punks for few days.

2016Documentary17 minPlay
7Upin & Ipin Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Upin & Ipin Jeng Jeng Jeng!

A 10-year old, orphan girl Balqis has a unique ability to communicate with her favorite cartoon characters, Upin and Ipin. However all is not well in her world as the orphanage she loves is about to be repossessed by a heartless businessman. Balqis turns to her friends Upin and Ipin to help her find the once famous rock star Awie to help her raise funds to save her home.

201697 minPlay
7Mountain of Gold

Mountain of Gold

The story of Almayer, a Dutch trader struggling to survive in Malaysia at the turn of the 19th Century. His dream of finding a mythical gold mountain is challenged by his scheming wife, the colonial authorities, the political machinations of the local chief and Arab traders, and his daughter's love for a freedom-fighting Malay prince.

2016Drama116 minPlay
4Perjanjian Syaitan

Perjanjian Syaitan

A horror film directed by M. Subash, with a cast made up of a combination of old and new actors such as Imuda and many others.

2016Horror85 minPlay
9Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain

A boy with autism causes a lot of hardships for his parents, as his father isn`t accepting the fact that he is different from the rest while his mother is trying her best to fit his needs. His mother later finds the right people to help her son live his life.

2016Drama113 minPlay


Adapted loosely from Romeo and Juliet, Pekak is a story about a deaf drug pusher Uda whose dream is to get a cochlear implant so that he can finally hear again. When Uda meets and falls in love with Dara, an innocent school girl, he is even more determined to leave the life he's always known for a future with Dara. But will he be able to break free from the vicious ties that bind him or will he be stuck forever in the same bleak existence?

2016Drama96 minPlay
0Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit

Mat Moto: Kami Mat Moto Bukan Mat Rempit

The film follows the journey of fellow "mat moto", also known as bikers, who share the same interest in motorsport. On a journey across Malaysia, the bikers discover the true meaning of friendship and the joy of sharing the same hobby.

2016Action90 minPlay
5Let’s Eat

Let’s Eat

Dai Hung is the head chef of Ah Yong Cafe who is unable to get along with the owner's daughter, Rosemary. When trouble starts brewing at their workplace, Dai Hung and Rosemary have to set their differences aside to save the cafe.

2016Comedy96 minPlay
7.7Rock Bro

Rock Bro

Rock band Rimba Bara continues to struggle in the music industry that is full of political games. Meanwhile, Jijoe comes across rock queen Ella in a recording studio and falls in love with her. Jijoe loves her so much that he is willing to leave behind his rock music life and become an F-class contractor so that he will have a more secure life. This causes Rimba Bara to fall apart and various conflicts arise.

2016Comedy113 minPlay
6Singing in Graveyards

Singing in Graveyards

Pepe, a 68-year-old impersonator of a Filipino rock legend, lives alone on the borders of reality, imagination and mysticism. One day, he is finally given the chance to open for the rock legend’s concert but he must do something neither of them has done before – write a love song.

2016Drama143 minPlay
10Show Me Your Love

Show Me Your Love

Told from Nin’s perspective, Show Me Your Love subtly reveals how the mother and son had been estranged by their years of miscommunication before Nin moved to Hong Kong to go to university. As the pair patch up their differences for a poignant closure, the film retains its composure with believable performances by its leads.

2016Drama120 minPlay
0Usin UFO Bikin Kecoh

Usin UFO Bikin Kecoh

Usin, a young villager, is abducted by aliens to be used as their test subject. His body becomes half man, half alien after the experiments and operations. When the aliens release him from their custody, Usin starts to behave weirdly and this starts to create a scene in the village.

2016Comedy90 minPlay
8.5BoBoiBoy: The Movie

BoBoiBoy: The Movie

BoBoiBoy and his friends come face-to-face with a greedy alien treasure hunter as they race to find a powerful ancient object on a mysterious island.

2016Action102 minPlay


Adam is a Muslim medical practitioner who is unable to accept the fact that his wife is no longer in this world. When he agrees to treat a woman named Maria, strange and unsettling things start to happen.

2016Horror98 minPlay
7.6Ola Bola

Ola Bola

Set in the 1970s, a multicultural team of Malaysian football players struggle to overcome personal and collective hardships as a team. Together they create the most triumphant zero to hero story and gain a place at the Asian Games.

2016Drama113 minPlay
4.3Special Female Force

Special Female Force

An elite team of six female rookie police recruits fails to graduate as they resist to retreat in the final test when the situation gets out of hand. But their eminence provides them with another opportunity – “The Rafflesia”, a special female force that was disbanded 25 years ago when the mission failed, which is now looking for new blood to resume operation. Their first mission is to capture the notorious triad leader “President”, who caused the disbandment of “The Rafflesia” 25 years ...

2016Comedy105 minPlay