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0Now I’m Thirteen

Now I’m Thirteen

Ma Aye Kaung is girl who was born during the reign of military government. Now she is living in middle part of Myanmar. Her father is an alcoholic and neglects family duties. At the age of nine, she started as a child labour. Now she is thirteen and a herd of goats. Ma Aye Kaung wants to read and write. Though the primary education is free but she had no chance of schooling. Now our country in the political transition period too, the girls like her, have no chance of going to school.

2014Documentary10 minPlay
7.1Ice Poison

Ice Poison

A young farmer and his father are barely able to survive on their meagre corn harvest and so they make their way down from the mountains to the village to borrow money from their relatives working in jade mines or on opium plantations. But missing paperwork, deceit and corruption have left them impoverished too. Finally, the father pawns his cow for a moped so that his son can earn a living as a taxi driver. His first customer is Sanmei, who has returned to Myanmar to bury her grandfather. ...

201495 minPlay
6.8From Bangkok to Mandalay

From Bangkok to Mandalay

Ten letters are sent from a man in Myanmar to a women in Thailand who loves and misses so much. But the letters are left unopened for 50 years. Until one day, the women's granddaughter is given those letters and asked to go and read every letter only from where they were written. This is how the impressive love story begins.

2016Drama120 minPlay
0Oak Kyar Myat Pauk

Oak Kyar Myat Pauk

Four young people, Shwe Oak Phoe Tha Kyar Myat Yine and Pauk Pauk. A story brought about by the same beliefs in their different lives.

2016136 minPlay
7.2The Road to Mandalay

The Road to Mandalay

Two illegal Burmese migrants fleeing their country’s civil war find love with each other while struggling to survive in the bustling cities of Thailand.

2016Drama108 minPlay
4City of Jade

City of Jade

Midi Z visits his oncle who works as a jade miner.

2016Documentary99 minPlay
6.7Godard Mon Amour

Godard Mon Amour

In 1967, during the making of “La Chinoise,” film director Jean-Luc Godard falls in love with 19-year-old actress Anne Wiazemsky and marries her.

2017Comedy108 minPlay
0Portraits and Glimpses of Life in Burma

Portraits and Glimpses of Life in Burma

"This video is about some of the people of Burma" -DB.

2019Documentary50 minPlay