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0Uber Life: An Interactive Movie

Uber Life: An Interactive Movie

An experimental project in hybrid form that combines the elements of dramatic feature film and video game, in which the player - viewer, actually - participates and influences the narrative with his own choice of plot.

2010Adventure12 minPlay
4.2Killer Mermaid

Killer Mermaid

Two young American women go on a Mediterranean vacation and uncover the watery lair of a killer mermaid hidden beneath an abandoned military fortress.

2014Fantasy90 minPlay
6.3Double Trouble

Double Trouble

Radašin and Milašin are brothers but they don't talk with each other. Both of them got letters inviting them on mysterious journey from their village to Belgrade, capital of Serbia. Each one has an amusing path that leads to one place, but their family won't let them fulfill their destiny alone in the end.

2016Comedy90 minPlay
5The Most Important Boy in the World

The Most Important Boy in the World

Boris Mitrović is the biggest Justin Bieber fan in the Balkans. Inspired by his idol, and armed with his manager, a Lamborghini and a fan base on Facebook, Boris is trying to make his show-business dreams come true. While some fans dream about the day they will meet their idol, other fans dream about the day when they will become someone's idol. The film explores the distance between these dreams of love and success and the everyday lives of the fans.

2016Documentary75 minPlay
7.8The Samurai in Autumn

The Samurai in Autumn

Vladica lost the only thing that mattered to him - an amateur karate championship. Now he's back in his home town looking for a job, love and redemption.

2016Action117 minPlay


Three separate stories of young people targeted for human trafficking: Tamara, a girl who starts a relationship with a man who offers her attention and freedom from her empty life; Petar, who gets blackmailed after sending nude photos of himself to someone he thought was a girl online; Kaca, whose parents are financially struggling and suddenly offered a substantial amount of money for their daughter to go out of town for a period for a babysitting job.

2016Drama36 minPlay
4.9All the Cities of the North

All the Cities of the North

It’s like almost all is lost. Yet still they are here – abandoned bungalows, an artificial lake, dirty plastic bottles, lost donkeys and stray dogs, draining pipes running over fields of salt, deserted factories, statues of revolutionaries, concrete playgrounds covered with weeds, rotten fruit, folded T-shirts, pop songs, decades of forgetting, a single room with a blue tent inside. And it felt like a kiss.

2016Drama100 minPlay
6.5Train Driver’s Diary

Train Driver’s Diary

Statistics show that during his professional career every railroad engineer working for railways, unintentionally kills 15 to 20 people. This is a story about the innocent mass murderers and their lives.

2016Comedy85 minPlay
6Open Wound

Open Wound

An intense friendship between Sara and Alisa comes to a strange and abrupt end after Sara opens up about urges beyond physical desire. Oppressed by her environment, Alisa becomes estranged, leaving Sara to struggle with solitude and repression which begins manifesting itself in a monstrous form.

2016Drama75 minPlay


Two of the most popular Serbian actors discover a script that they immediately want to work on, forgetting that creating in Serbia isn't as easy as it seems.

2016Comedy99 minPlay
8.8Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown

Name: Dobrica, Last Name: Unknown

This is a story, actually a fairytale for adults, that expresses how life could be beautiful, if only mankind would get out of its own way and enjoy it for a change.

2016Comedy90 minPlay
0Santa Maria della Salute

Santa Maria della Salute

The film narrates a tormented love story between one of the most famous poets of Serbian literature, Laza Kostic, renowned for his sublime poetic puns and word coining and an enchanting young girl by the name of Lenka Dundjerski, an educated and refined daughter of a landowner Lazar Dundjerski. Standing in the way of their love is the insurmountable age gap between the two, as Kostic is 29 years older than his beloved one. The affair inspired one of the most sophisticated and tender love ...

2016Drama117 minPlay
3.5The Rift

The Rift

The satellite has vanished and the only clue is a trail leading to a small village nestled on the outskirts of forest line. As the team begins to investigate they quickly discover that something else came back from space, something not of this world. As their time runs out, the team must battle to unlock the terrifying truth behind the ill-fated mission.

2016Horror90 minPlay
6.8On the Milky Road

On the Milky Road

A story that stretches across war, blossoming love, and living as a recluse.

2016Comedy125 minPlay


A documentary about the rising alternative turbo-folk scene in Serbia.

2017Documentary49 minPlay
9A Handful of Stones

A Handful of Stones

11 year old Ivica is an explorer of the small world around him, a world of industrial wastelands and uncertain terrain. A world that is still less strange than the drama that unfolds in his own home.

2017Drama14 minPlay
0Hottest Summer Days

Hottest Summer Days

A young couple is living at his parents' apartment. Frustrated at not being able to provide for themselves, they fight. She decides something has to change.

2017Drama22 minPlay


In recent years, city of Belgrade has been proclaimed the capital of European clubbing. From the perspective of prestigious city club bartender Mare, this is story about modern day Belgrade and its residents.

2017Drama100 minPlay
9.4The F#@king dog

The F#@king dog

Usually it is us who choose the dog, but sometimes the dog chooses us. By choosing one dog, Aleksandra, Jovana and Marija come into conflict with a criminal gang led by Sergej, a ruthless dealer. Aleksandra's American ID and her fiancee's FBI pass lead the criminals to mistake this for an international operation, and since the local cops are corrupt, the three girls are left with no choice but to take matters in their own hands.

2017Action88 minPlay
8.8Zamfir’s Zona Part Two

Zamfir’s Zona Part Two

Jealousy, envy, gossip, and greed are testing Zona's and Mane's perfect marriage.

2017Comedy90 minPlay
6.7The Other Side of Everything

The Other Side of Everything

For Serbian filmmaker Mila Turajlic, a locked door in her mother's apartment in Belgrade provides the gateway to both her remarkable family history and her country's tumultuous political inheritance.

2017Documentary100 minPlay


Husband and wife are going to their vacation cottage to overcome marriage crises, caused by his affair with another woman. In one moment she demands from him to take her and show mistress's home.

2017Drama19 minPlay
6Life According to Moskri

Life According to Moskri

The late controversial hip-hopper, the founder of Prti Bee Gee rap group, Davor Bobic Moskri, suddenly returns to the world of the living. He's allowed to return as a 10 year old child, with a goal to win a ticket to paradise, by showing his followers from underground where the motto Hit the pot, win a jackpot leads.

2017Comedy27 minPlay
7.8South Wind

South Wind

A story about Petar Maraš, a Belgrade criminal in his late twenties, whose one reckless move causes an avalanche of events that will greatly affect the lives of those around him.

2018Crime125 minPlay