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0Letter to a Child

Letter to a Child

"Letter to a Child" combines intimate conversations with perfect strangers and personal letters contemplating bits and pieces of life, collected and addressed to a child. In a series of “guided monologues” people – from kindergarten children to the vintage ages – are contemplating and reliving their lives. When they forget about the camera and they turn their eyes inside, the film starts. They are alone with themselves in front of us and then we are alone with ourselves, with our life, long ...

2009Documentary100 minPlay
0Angela Vode: Secret Memories

Angela Vode: Secret Memories

The life and rather obscure hardships of a Slovenian feminist author and human rights activist Angela Vode.

2009Drama110 minPlay
0Chalk & Chocolate

Chalk & Chocolate

The film is a story of one of the best climbers in the world Natalija Gros, who struggles to climb one of the most challenging verticals in Slovenia: Histerija (8c+) in Mišja pec. The camera follows Natalija’s story during her conquering the Histerija and during the climbing season (trainings, competitions, injuries, testings). Natalija is the first woman in Slovenija to climb such a difficult wall (8c+). So far, only a few female climbers in the world have succeeded in acquiring such a result.

2009Adventure50 minPlay
0Nighttime with Mojca

Nighttime with Mojca

With the advent of television, many people reckoned that the days of radio were numbered. What is a voice without a face, a laugh without perceptible gesticulations, music without visible animation and so, what little magic was left to retain listeners? It is this very space that Vlado Skafar has chosen to portray in his film made with the aid of basic materials. The pictures: shots of landscapes, cities, all very ordinary, of Slovenia. The sound: the kind of night broadcast where listeners ...

2009Documentary35 minPlay
0Forever Student

Forever Student

Documentary about Radio Student from Ljubljana, one of the oldest and biggest European non-commercial radio stations.

2009Documentary30 minPlay
080 Years of Slavko Avsenik

80 Years of Slavko Avsenik

Documentary on famous Slovenian accordionist and his musical family.

2009Documentary59 minPlay
0The Wind Inside Me

The Wind Inside Me

A young man, Peter, returns home in the middle of the night after a long journey. He returns to his home, to his parents. At the same time, he is also returning to his long-term girlfriend, who, during this time, has given birth to their daughter Vita. Peter is determined that his journey has come to the end, and that he will settle down and stay at home. Yet, he quickly realizes that a decision is easier to accept than to actualize it.

2010Drama16 minPlay


Documentary film about punk band Kuzle (1979-1981) from Slovenia, Yugoslavia.

2010Documentary36 minPlay
0Winepires: The Ice Harvest

Winepires: The Ice Harvest

Detectives Nina and Milan investigate the murder of teenage girl. In the course of the investigation, corpses keep piling up while the only thing they find out is the fact that all victims were drunk and are missing blood.

2010Horror96 minPlay
0That Day in a Week

That Day in a Week

A documentary about the Slovenian rock band Big Foot Mama.

2010Documentary119 minPlay
0Burglars are at Work in the Summer

Burglars are at Work in the Summer

Erjavec family (dad, mom, daughter, son) go camping in Slovenian Alps. Instead of a peaceful vacation, they end up involved in detective kind of story.

2010Comedy94 minPlay
4.9Going Our Way

Going Our Way

Film is talking about scouts who spend their free time in nature. Aleks is camping near Soča river together with his friends. Starešina, the scouting leader is taking everything too serious and that cause a lot of problems. And boys are a lot more interested in girls than camp. The movie was filmed in ideal Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

2010Adventure93 minPlay
0Poet You Know Your Due? (The Story About Slovene Rap)

Poet You Know Your Due? (The Story About Slovene Rap)

The film documents the history of the Slovenian rap music and its relationship to poetry, literature and politics of the present.

2011Documentary57 minPlay
0House D

House D

Architecture is not a static but a dynamic, living thing. Similarly film is highly suited to represent and experience architectures as spaces, as stages for human encounter and interaction. In this series of short films architecture becomes animated, even transformed, with social input. Similarly it serves to animate its viewers/occupants -- architecture as stage and actor both. (Good) built projects in Slovenia generally follow a well-thought and focused approach and execution. They are, ...

2011Drama6 minPlay
6.1A Trip

A Trip

Three friends embark on a road trip like in high school, but things have changed - Gregor is going to war mission, Ziva is going to study abroad, while Andrej is still the same. There are secrets left unsaid. Can their friendship survive?

2011Drama85 minPlay
8Neighbors’ (Non)Love

Neighbors’ (Non)Love

Relations between two families from different social backgrounds, where neither fathers nor mothers communicate. Despite all, their only son and only daughter befriend and eventually fall in love.

2012Family68 minPlay
0Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?

Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Wolf?

1944. Somewhere in the occupied Central Europe. A multicultural triangle between a little shepherd and two officers from the opposite sides in a sensual and emotional Alpine story of two tunes and one whistle.

2012Drama25 minPlay
0An Old Pot

An Old Pot

Based on a true story, movie takes us back to 1944, when a daring attempt to rescue prisoners from infamous German prison "Stari pisker" in Celje, Yugoslavia took place. Six partisans with help from prison guard are trying to save 80 prisoners from getting shot by Nazis.

2012War60 minPlay
0(A) Typical Couple

(A) Typical Couple

A typical day in a typical life of a typical couple trying to communicate their way through their typical relationship.

2012Documentary6 minPlay
0Bikers in the Dark

Bikers in the Dark

Set in the near future, 2017, presents a mix of four stories that take place in a fictional Pomurje town in one day. A narrative that shows the imprint of today's crisis in some dark future that we would not want.

2012Drama77 minPlay
7Shanghai Gypsy

Shanghai Gypsy

The main protagonists of the film are members of the gypsy family Mirga. Lutvija Belmondo Mirga narrates a story about four generations. Belmondo is the central character of the film, a gypsy king, who decided to establish his own gypsy village. He names it Shanghai. Belmondo makes a living smuggling and his power and influence grow big. He even gets the local police and politics on his side and that helps him to become untouchable for law. But with the downfall of Yugoslavia, smuggling of ...

2012Drama124 minPlay


Ulay is a conceptual artist whose photography pushed boundaries, and whose love affair with Marina Abramovic produced some of the best pieces of performance art. Diagnosed with cancer shortly after agreeing to film the documentary, Ulay's illness informs Project Cancer, which is part-retrospective, part-visual document of the year he believed could be the last of his extraordinary life.

2013Documentary91 minPlay


A portrait of the greats of Slovenian and Yugoslav documentary film, from his point of view, and that of his family and colleagues Karpo Aćimović-Godina, Jože Pogačnik and others.

2013Documentary52 minPlay
0The Right Man for Capitalism

The Right Man for Capitalism

Film about Damir Avdic, artist of words who speaks about the world as he sees and understands it. With no superfluous comments. Words as sharp as a razor blade, as straight as a bullet, as honest as a heart. On the stage he is alone, with his guitar and his voice.

2013Documentary54 minPlay