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0Besieged Bread

Besieged Bread

In battle-ridden Syria, a woman trying to smuggle bread into a blockaded area crosses paths with a soldier on the run.

2016Drama12 minPlay
8رد القضاء

رد القضاء

2016Drama0 minPlay
7.5The White Helmets

The White Helmets

As daily airstrikes pound civilian targets in Syria, a group of indomitable first responders risk their lives to rescue victims from the rubble.

2016Documentary40 minPlay
0On the Roof of Damascus

On the Roof of Damascus

2017Documentary0 minPlay
0The Only Trees

The Only Trees

Darên bitenê is a fascinating documentary exploring the “dengbej” musical heritage of the singers, poets and storytellers from Northern Syria’s Rojava region. Featuring a stunning scenery of poetic landscapes, the film is interlaced with stories of Kurdish and Assyrian songs that narrate the long history of love and suffering of this semi-autonomous region.

2017Documentary43 minPlay
7Binxet – Under the border

Binxet – Under the border

“Binxet – Under the border” is a journey between life and death, dignity and pain, struggle and freedom. It takes place along the 911 km of the turkish-Syrian border. On the one hand the ISIS, in the other Erdogan’s Turkey. In the middle the borders and one hope. This hope is called Rojava, only one point on the chart of a troubled region, a region of resistance and an example of grassroots democracy that speaks about gender equality, self-determination of peoples and peaceful coexistence.

2017Documentary95 minPlay
7One Day in Aleppo

One Day in Aleppo

Suffocated by a cruel, inescapable siege imposed by the Syrian regime and after five months of incessant and senseless shelling, a group of children living in Aleppo start painting the walls of their city. It is an act of protest as well as resistance: a small act that dares to dream of bringing back life in a place that has been humiliated by bombs and bullets, while international powers were watching without doing anything to save lives. Thus, the colours sowed throughout the devastated ...

201720 minPlay
7.1Last Men in Aleppo

Last Men in Aleppo

Winner of the Grand Jury Documentary prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad’s breathtaking work — a searing example of boots-on-the-ground reportage — follows the efforts of the internationally recognized White Helmets, an organization consisting of ordinary citizens who are the first to rush towards military strikes and attacks in the hope of saving lives. Incorporating moments of both heart-pounding suspense and improbable beauty, the documentary draws us into ...

2017Documentary101 minPlay
8.3For Sama

For Sama

A love letter from a young mother to her daughter, the film tells the story of Waad al-Kateab’s life through five years of the uprising in Aleppo, Syria as she falls in love, gets married and gives birth to Sama, all while cataclysmic conflict rises around her. Her camera captures incredible stories of loss, laughter and survival as Waad wrestles with an impossible choice– whether or not to flee the city to protect her daughter’s life, when leaving means abandoning the struggle for freedom ...

2019Documentary100 minPlay