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TV9The Devil Punisher

The Devil Punisher

A baker by day and demon fighter by night, Zhong Kui, a reincarnated deity must jog his amnesiac lover's memory of their millennium-long romance.

NRTTV Main Channel
2020Science Fiction70 minPlay
6.9Orz Boyz

Orz Boyz

More than just naughty, they play tricks on classmates, tease girls at school, fight with other boys, and lie to everyone until their teacher breaks down. They are named Liar No. 1 and Liar No. 2. The most important act planned in their life is to go to the mysterious water park, where they can leap through the portal at the end of the water slide to the fairy-tale world OZ and live as grown-ups happily ever after. However, the commitment is torn by a careless betrayal.

2008Comedy103 minPlay
5.7Drifting Flowers

Drifting Flowers

Three poetic tales of seeking the true identity. In the first story, Jing, a blind singer, falls in love with her band's tomboy accordionist Diego. In another time and place, Lily, an elderly lesbian and Yen, her gay friend, create an unexpected bond and support each other in a time of crisis. Finally, we see Diego before she joined the band, when as a teenager she came to grips with her gender identity.

2008Drama97 minPlay
6.3Cape No. 7

Cape No. 7

Aga, a band singer, returns to Hengchun with frustration. Tomoko is a Japanese model assigned to organize a local warm-up band for the Japanese super star beach concert. Together with other five ordinary Hengchun residents who were not expected to be great or anything, they formed an impossible band.

2008Comedy129 minPlay
0Baseball Boys

Baseball Boys

2009Documentary86 minPlay
0Detours to Paradise

Detours to Paradise

Setia, an Indonesian maid, and Supayong, a construction worker from Thailand, are two illegal foreign laborers who drift between Taipei and Taoyuan while looking for job opportunities. The two foreigners rely on each other and share the burden of their loneliness among the hustle and bustle of a glittering city. They strive for survival while developing a gentle relationship full of humor, using a language that both are still awkward with: Chinese, the language of their host country.

2009Drama124 minPlay
8The Pursuit of What Was

The Pursuit of What Was

How do those within the memories show themselves to us?

200922 minPlay
0卧龙天府 熊猫传奇

卧龙天府 熊猫传奇

2009Documentary0 minPlay
1Our Island, Our Dreams

Our Island, Our Dreams

On the island of Kinmen, the three-star youth (Chen Yihan), Ajin (Chen Zhengwei), and Auntie (Wu Zhongtian) maintained their balance until the one who came from Taiwan to join the Golden Gate (Huang Shiyuan) disturbed each other. The triangular relationship between them also brings out a romance and regrets of Xing Jun’s Chad Moon (Yang Guimei).

2009Romance100 minPlay
3Su mi ma sen, Love

Su mi ma sen, Love

Chie Tanaka, playing herself, meets Huai-chung Wu, whom I presume is playing himself, after she loses her wallet. From that point on, the rest of the movie is about two restless and unhappy people spending the day together, falling in love, and learning to relate to each other without caring that they were strangers that morning.

200985 minPlay
5.9Yang Yang

Yang Yang

Yang-yang is a French-Chinese mix. She has never seen her French father. She does not speak a single French word. Her mum has re-married but she has been very lonely. She started working at the entertainment industry. The fact that she is a mix is a good selling point. The film depicts how Yang-yang dealt with her life, her relationships with men, with her mother and friends.

2009Drama112 minPlay
2.3Port of Return

Port of Return

The heart is a battlefield where struggles between good and evil, light and darkness rage.Frostlight, a naive girl, disregards the fortuneteller's warnings, and tries too hard in keeping Westwind's heart. Her attempts catch the attention of Asura, and a war breaks out. Frostlight quickly boards a mysterious ship and departs on a perilous and fantastic journey. This strange ship carries a cast of helpless, tormented souls as it drifts through a mysterious space, unable to make port. The ...

2009Adventure80 minPlay
6How Are You, Dad?

How Are You, Dad?

A father can have many different kinds of faces. Which one does your father have? This is a film of ten short stories, and each shows a different relationship between a father and his son. Each story reveals the complexity between fathers and sons.

2009107 minPlay
5The Fatality

The Fatality

Somehow, a mentally disturbed 30-year-old man from Taipei finds himself waking up out of a coma in a hospital in a small coastal town in Thailand. A woman is at his bedside, calling him Assanee. But that's not his name. His name is Her Sue Yong. And besides, he can't speak Thai. He leaps from his bed and runs, and the nurses give chase. In Taiwan, he was a bedraggled, long-haired scavenger. He had a disfigured face. But in Thailand, the skin on his face is smooth and his hair is short. ...

2009Drama97 minPlay
5.5Cannot Live Without You

Cannot Live Without You

A down and out man and his daughter live in an illegal hovel. The two live a happy peaceful life until the authorities intervene when the child reaches school age.

2009Drama92 minPlay


Four love stories by four talented Taiwanese first-time directors – well-known lyrist, Vincent Fang Wenshan; TV host, Huang Zijiao; online novelist, Jiu BaDao; and commercial director, Chen Yixian.

2009Comedy93 minPlay
4.3Beautiful Crazy

Beautiful Crazy

Three young girls on their way to adulthood. Xiao-Bu fights over a cigarette with her friend Angel. Ah-Mi sleeps with Xiao-Bu’s boyfriend. He is very popular and lets Angel steal a kiss. Can it get any worse? Life with a depressive, alcoholic father, who can only stare out of the window, for example. Or is it actually worse when dove excrements ruin the new dress that was supposed to be worn on the date with a handsome guy? When you are 17, a coin can still be thrown in order to make ...

2009Drama98 minPlay
5.9Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled

The lives of and relationship between two teens, a high school-aged boy and his younger niece.

2009Drama96 minPlay
5.7Taipei 24H

Taipei 24H

Taipei 24H divides 24 hours in Taipei into 8 shorts. It opens with Cheng Fen-fen's upbeat and comedic "Share the Morning", and ends with Lee Kang-sheng running the final leg of this relay with "Remembrance" at 4am. Well-known director Tsai Ming-liang makes a rare appearance visiting a late night coffee shop. Taipei 24H is a contemporary urban chronicle of a city rarely at sleep.

2009Comedy94 minPlay
4.6Summer Times

Summer Times

While going back to Kinmen island during summer, Ah Kwan (Bryant Chang) learns from the internet about a pretty girl called Chen Wen Qing (Shara Lin), who emerged champion in the National Piano Competition. One day he coincidentally meets up with her. For both this is the best summer holiday they ever had in their lives. Before going back Wen Qing promises to Ah Kwan she would email him everyday and coming next summer, she would find him in Kinmen again.

2009Drama96 minPlay
7Let the Wind Carry Me

Let the Wind Carry Me

Focusing on Mark Lee Ping-bin, one of the most talented and prolific cinematographers in Asia, the movie details the itinerant lifestyle of a deeply observant and philosophical artist and the tolls that his profession takes on his family life.

2009Documentary90 minPlay
5.7A Place of One’s Own

A Place of One’s Own

Moody, atmospheric ghost story starring Mason as a retired tradesman who purchases an old mansion that has been vacant for 40 years because it is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a young woman who had died there. Unaware of the mansion's reputation, Mason and his wife Mullen move in and hire a young woman, Lockwood, to keep house. Soon after Lockwood's arrival, strange things begin to happen in the household, and it becomes apparent that she is possessed by the spirit of the dead ...

2009Drama118 minPlay
3.1The Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter

In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourished and fallen, there is rumor of a treasure of unbelievable riches buried among it. A group of mysterious guardians have been guarding the map to the location of the treasure until a fierce rivalry erupted. A notorious international crime group, The Company hunted down the map keeper and before they managed to secure the map, the keeper passed the map to a young chivalrous man Ciao Fei. Ciao Fei was forced to give up ...

2009Action105 minPlay
5.8Like a Dream

Like a Dream

While on a business trip in Shanghai, a man sees a woman he has had recurring dreams of.

2009Drama118 minPlay