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On an island lost between two worlds, Dai, a young Chinese woman, survives alone in a cave, waiting for the baby that swells her womb day after day. Around the harbour which, every day, flurry with the arrival of hundreds of migrants, she searches tirelessly the face of the man she loves, her husband. One, night her wish is to be fulfilled

2016Drama93 minPlay


The story of the dysfunctional Tounsia family where Zakia, the matriarch of the family loves her son Selim to the point of enslaving the rest of the family. And the rest of the family just want one thing, and that is for Selim to get married and be out of their lives forever.

2016Comedy70 minPlay
0Lost in Tunisia

Lost in Tunisia

After the elections that followed the Tunisian revolution, as well as the violence that shook the country, an author seeks to make a film on women's issue in his motherland. He makes his questioning the subject of his film and starts a journey.

2016Documentary71 minPlay
0Férid Boughedir: de l’Émotion Tunisienne au Rêve Universel

Férid Boughedir: de l’Émotion Tunisienne au Rêve Universel

Férid Boughedir, the Tunisian film-maker and the journalist, historian and defender of the African and Arabic cinema, is filmed, through various situations and places between Tunisia and France, and more particularly around the preparation and during the realization of his movie Spring flavor, a comedy on the Tunisian revolution.

2016Documentary52 minPlay
0Saida Despite Ashes

Saida Despite Ashes

2016Documentary0 minPlay
6.2The Flower of Aleppo

The Flower of Aleppo

Salma is a 37 years old paramedic nurse working in private and public hospitals in Tunisia. When her only son, Murad, go to Syria to join the terrorist movement Al-Nusra Front, Salma infiltrate the jihadists with the aim to bring her son back to Tunisia.

2016Drama100 minPlay
0Couscous: Seeds of Dignity

Couscous: Seeds of Dignity

2017Documentary0 minPlay
0El Jaïda

El Jaïda

Four women meet at Dar Joued on the eve of Independence. With different ages and social conditions, they are condemned to live together under the authority and injustice of their jailer: "El Jaida". They will share memories of the outside world, joy, emotions and distress of their daily lives.

2017History110 minPlay
6.8Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno

Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno

Amin, an aspiring screenwriter living in Paris, returns home for the summer, to a fishing village in the South of France. It is a time of reconnecting with his family and his childhood friends. Together with his cousin Tony and his best friend Ophélie, he spends his time between the Tunisian restaurant run by his parents, the local bars and the beaches frequented by girls on holiday. Enchanted by the many female characters who surround him, Amin remains in awe of these summer sirens while ...

2017Drama180 minPlay