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8Lobanovskiy Forever

Lobanovskiy Forever

In 1975 Dynamo Kiev became the first Soviet team to win a major European trophy. The team’s rapid rise was remarkable and attributed to one man: Valeri Vasilievich Lobanovskyi. His technique as a manager is now the stuff of folklore - not least for his imposing a fitness regime so brutal that his players looked upon the matches themselves as relaxing.

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3.5The Leading Role

The Leading Role

The film is about the director’s mother, the movie actress Nina Antonova. Now she is 80. She has had hundreds of roles – big and small. It is a personal story about an honest and sad life, about self-sacrifice and freedom. Real fame as an actress came to her only once in her life. It was the leading role in the first Soviet colour TV series Varka’s Land. That was 45 years ago…

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Four friends who are all students, wake up at the police station, not remembering the events of yesterday. They are accused of murdering a dwarf, whose body was found on the lawn of the house where the boys partied last night. To figure out what happened, the boys decide to collect all the photos and videos from yesterday's mayhem.

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Explosion of the condensed milk on the kitchen stove - seems to be the worst thing that can happen. Even those who are responsible for its consequences don't know what will be next. A small crash in a small apartment can be an occasion for something more.

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While Tamara, the 40-year-old woman artist, who is going through an existential crisis, tries to discover whether she has got rabies from a dog, that bit her on the street, the other woman comes to her house - the young mistress of her husband. Insult and frustration throw Tamara to fight her inner demons and her own artistic rabies while her husband is lost between the two worlds of powerful women.

2016Drama21 minPlay
0Everything Will Be Alright

Everything Will Be Alright

A country can be judged by two things: the way it treats children and the elderly. This story is about an elderly woman living in Ukraine who, like all old people, struggles with poverty every day. But, despite all the difficulties and troubles that are encountered on her way, she does not despair and continues to hope that Everything Will Be Alright.

201616 minPlay
0The Elephants

The Elephants

The story of a sister and her brother.

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0Bike Portraits

Bike Portraits

A bicycle is a good tool to explore a city and exploring the bike culture is a good approach to understanding local society. What a bike portrait can tell us?

2016Animation5 minPlay
0Without You

Without You

When it comes time to say goodbye.

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0The Pink Map

The Pink Map

A reflection on modern globalized cities, their controversial past, and personal spatial memory.

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The film through allegory tells a story of the relationship between two ends of one shoelace while they still are not aware of being one thing.

2016Animation7 minPlay
070 Streets

70 Streets

When Brovary village officially became a town, one third of its residents were communist. After 60 years and three revolutions such proportion didn’t change: thirty percent of its streets keep the names of the former empire.

2016Documentary7 minPlay
0Black Mountain

Black Mountain

12-years old Yurko lives in far mountain village with his mother. Yurko's father went to work abroad. The fight for father's car becomes a story of growing up.

201618 minPlay
0Must Escape

Must Escape

A man discovers he's the protagonist in a cliché, short student film and struggles to get out of it.

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0It’s Quiet Down Below

It’s Quiet Down Below

Metro is a factory of rush for the passengers. Thousands, who do not hurry to break the circulation schedule, work to create the rhythm. What does the escalator controller think of, sitting inside her booth during the rush hour? How do the cashiers see us through the window of their own, separate world, decorated with flowerpots? What a metro worker in the small room with found items loses?

2016Documentary21 minPlay
0The Scar

The Scar

A ruthless story of a loner.

201619 minPlay
8.5Crimea. As it was

Crimea. As it was

The film is a story about the officers, soldiers and seamen who did not betray their oath of loyalty to the people of Ukraine and their first hand accounts about Russia's invasion and annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. They continue to fulfill their military obligations on land, on sea and in the air today.

2016Documentary126 minPlay
6.5My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan

My Grandmother Fanny Kaplan

The film focuses on the little-known love affair of the terrorist Fanny Kaplan with the brother of Vladimir Lenin, Dmitriy Ilyich Ulyanov, and questions whether she really tried to assassinate Lenin in 1918.

2016Drama110 minPlay
7Close Relations

Close Relations

Vitaly Mansky’s intimate and insightful new documentary finds him crisscrossing the Ukraine in the wake of the Maidan uprising, which has left his relatives scattered on both sides of a highly charged and dizzyingly complex political situation.

2016Documentary112 minPlay
0Don’t Lie to Me

Don’t Lie to Me

Surrealistic film with two characters who are the one person. Or not. They can't be together but constantly looking for possibilities. Or not. They want to live. Or not.

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0Saint Valentine’s Night

Saint Valentine’s Night

2016Comedy0 minPlay


The search for a government soldier taken captive on February 20, 2014 in Kyiv takes protester Sashko to the front lines on the East of Ukraine. There he meets Ivan, a Ukrainian volunteer harbouring a secret that could undermine a fragile cease-fire…

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0The Flight of the Golden Fly

The Flight of the Golden Fly

A little girl, who is a poet and whose daddy calls her a boy's name, Mykola, tells three stories that happened in her village – about the football match, the wedding, and the strange testament. Mykola knows everything, because of what her grandpa told her: it's not good to lie; a guy has to be led over the water so that he was forever faithful; a movie in the sky is more interesting than a movie in the cinema; and a human life is like the flight of a golden fly over the fire – similarly ...

201699 minPlay
6.2Servant Of The People 2

Servant Of The People 2

President Vasily Goloborodko is in power for almost half a year. The economic situation in the country had deteriorated: prices are rising and the national currency has depreciated. People's confidence in the President is rapidly falling. To stabilize the situation in the country Goloborodko needs to get financial assistance from the IMF in the amount of 15 billion euros, which can be provided, if reforms and anti-corruption laws will be introduced in Ukraine.

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