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7.2Liz in September

Liz in September

A shocking secret, ex-lovers and the arrival of an outsider shake things up for Liz as she celebrates her birthday at a lesbian-owned resort.

2014Drama100 minPlay
7.6El Inca

El Inca

A tragic love story based in the life of the great latin american boxer Edwin "El Inca" Valero.

2016Drama100 minPlay
4.8La Soledad

La Soledad

Jose lives with his family in La Soledad, a dilapidated villa located in what used to be one of Caracas' most affluent neighborhoods. After learning that the owners are planning to sell the property, Jose seeks any solution that might keep his young daughter from growing up in the city's crime-sodden slums.

2016Drama89 minPlay
6.2From Afar

From Afar

Examines the struggles of a man petrified by the notion of human contact and intimacy. Armando, aged 50, cruises young men in the streets of Caracas and pays them to come back to his house. He also regularly spies on an older man with whom he seems to have ties from the past. One day he meets 17-year-old Elder, leader of a small band of thugs. Their turbulent relationship will come to mimic the violent, passionate, oppressive unpredictability of the city around them.

2016Drama93 minPlay
0Solteras Indisponibles

Solteras Indisponibles

2017Comedy0 minPlay
8Una Fabula Muy Trillada: The Legacy Of Dermis Tatú

Una Fabula Muy Trillada: The Legacy Of Dermis Tatú

Two decades ago, Venezuela's power trio Dermis Tatú released their only album, "La violó, la mató y la picó" ("Raped her, killed her and cut her"). The band was an offspring from the separation of Sentimiento Muerto, and was formed by Carlos "Cayayo" Troconis (voice and guitar), Héctor Castillo (bass) and Sebastián Araujo (drums). The record is still considered by many as the most influential in the Venezuelan rock scene. Twenty years later, Castillo and Araujo remember the stories behind ...

2017Documentary93 minPlay
10Children of the Salt

Children of the Salt

An old man, in the agony of death, asks his children to cremate his body and scatter the ashes in the sea. Willing to fulfill the last wish of the elderly, as a rite of passage the youngsters unknowingly transgress the traditions of their father. From that moment on the boys will have to assume roles that are not theirs, faced with everyday life.

2017Drama103 minPlay
10Caracas Vice Vol. 2

Caracas Vice Vol. 2

Ryan of the DEA will face again the most dangerous drug lord of Venezuela, this time with new friends, in 1983.

2017Action13 minPlay
6.5The Family

The Family

Andrés and his son Pedro live in a working district of Caracas and hardly ever see each other. While Andrés fills his time doing different jobs, Pedro wanders the streets playing with friends and learning from the violent atmosphere around him.

2017Drama82 minPlay


Film about an epidemic outbreak of a new rabies virus in Venezuela and a father trying to save his son from contagion. A Russian man is in Caracas under the influence of the Krokodil drug, when he gets infected with the rabies virus and starts an epidemic of aggressive and cannibalistic beings. Doctor Adam Vargas is in the midst of all this, when he begins a journey within a ravaged Venezuela to save his son from being infected.

2019Horror95 minPlay