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8Lật Mặt: Phim Trường

Lật Mặt: Phim Trường

A movie of Ly Hai Director (Vietnamese)

201690 minPlay
8Bệnh Viện Ma

Bệnh Viện Ma

A young doctor gets a new job in a haunted hospital where he meets a beautiful nurse, together they uncover the hospitals secrets.

2016Comedy88 minPlay
6Tam Cam: The Untold

Tam Cam: The Untold

"Tam Cam: The Untold" is inspired by the fairy tale Tam Cam. Father died early, the stepmother and Cam bullying Tam until she meet Prince (Isaac) and became his wife. However, the story of the film much is still not mentioned in the fairy tale "Cinderella", will be the first time Ngo Thanh Van transmission of movies using new image and unique.

2016Drama90 minPlay
0Saigon, I Love You

Saigon, I Love You

Like a poem of this beautiful city, four love stories happen in Saigon will show you how lovely Saigonese and their Love could be.

201698 minPlay
5.5Ho Chi Minh Kim Chi

Ho Chi Minh Kim Chi

The sights and sounds of a kimchi factory in Vietnam.

2016Documentary6 minPlay


An international drug cartel has set its sights on Vietnam, and its up to Vietnam's toughest female cop to bring them to justice once and for all.

2016Action0 minPlay
04 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love

4 Years, 2 Guys, 1 Love

A romantic movie revolving around the story of three best friends Quynh, Tuan and Thanh, from they were at school. When Tuan and Quynh found out the importance of each other, Tuan suddenly passed away. Four years later, Quynh became the artist manager of Tuan - who has become a famous actor. When Tuan and Quynh started love each other, it was also Tuan suddenly coming back. How will this love triangle go and whom will Quynh choose?

2016Comedy0 minPlay
7.3Taxi, What’s Your Name?

Taxi, What’s Your Name?

After a missed flight| an absent-minded scientist must catch a cab to make his marriage proposal but a stern driver veers him further off-course.

2016Comedy97 minPlay
7.2Bitcoin Heist

Bitcoin Heist

To catch Interpol's most-wanted hacker, special Agent Dada must assemble a team of criminals with various special skillsets.

2016Action102 minPlay
6.6The Housemaid

The Housemaid

When an orphaned Vietnamese girl is hired to be a housemaid at a haunted rubber plantation in 1953 French Indochina, she unexpectedly falls in love with the French landowner and awakens the vengeful ghost of his dead wife... who is out for blood.

2016Horror105 minPlay
7Có Căn Nhà Nằm Nghe Nắng Mưa

Có Căn Nhà Nằm Nghe Nắng Mưa

2017Drama0 minPlay
0Lôi Báo

Lôi Báo

A man dying of terminal illness receives an experimental body replacement surgery. He soon discovers that he has memories that are not his own along with superhuman powers. However, the dark history of the treatment becomes intertwined with his life as he has to survive and keep his loved ones safe.

2017Family0 minPlay


2017Comedy96 minPlay
5.8She’s the Boss

She’s the Boss

She's the Boss follows two co-workers whose secret relationship could compromise their jobs. Both want marriage, but neither want to quit, they comically try to sabotage one another into leaving their job.

2017Comedy114 minPlay
0Family Curse

Family Curse

The fate of a young man in his old mother's villa.

2017Horror100 minPlay


On an estate full of secrets, a rigid matriarch demands her newest daughter-in-law to provide a grandson to preserve her family's lineage of nobility.

2017Family98 minPlay
5Hello Vietnam

Hello Vietnam

Da Co Hoai Lang is a sad story happened in the course of 1 day. Ong Tu (Hoai Linh) escaped from the nursing home to go home and celebrate his wife's death anniversary. The granddaughter at home is not happy with this. Ong Nam is Ong Tu's friend, who came over, and they talk about how they grew up together, loved the same girl and now met each other on a foreign land. They both celebrate their first love's death anniversary. Because of the gap in generation and the difference in culture, Ong ...

2017Drama minPlay
6.2The Girl from Yesterday

The Girl from Yesterday

A teenage boy causes problems on an everyday basis. He falls in love with a transfer student and becomes close to her, but he keeps thinking about his first love from early childhood that he couldn't confess his feelings to.

2017Comedy124 minPlay
6The Tailor

The Tailor

The re-enactment of the long dress (ao dai) era in 1960s, Saogon, thought to be the heyday of traditional Vietnamese costumes. Interwoven into that transformation in fashion and style of the ao dai in modern times told through the story of the character of Ba. Audiences will also see somewhere the image of the 60s, 70s full of honest women. An image of Saigon in the past, gentle and steeped in contrast to the rush of a dynamic city will be described by fashion, namely long dress - ...

2017Drama100 minPlay


A necrophilic doctor, a man wearing headphones and a bunch of cannibals are just a few of the characters in this bizarre debut by director Lê Bình Giang about the cyclical effect of violence.

2017Horror69 minPlay
0200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty

A talented but obese girl, who ghost-sings for a not-so-talented pop star, undergoes extensive plastic surgery to become a slender beauty with a new identity in this Vietnamese rendition of a hugely popular South Korean film.

2017Comedy91 minPlay
6.7The Third Wife

The Third Wife

Though only 14 years old, May is selected to be the third wife of a wealthy landowner. Her new home seems idyllic, her husband favours her, and she quickly becomes pregnant with what she is certain will be the desired male progeny. But trouble is quietly brewing: she witnesses a forbidden tryst that will spark a chain reaction of misfortunes — and stir in May urges that until now had been dormant.

2019Drama96 minPlay
0High Flying Jade

High Flying Jade

Walking the line between mindfulness and adrenaline rush, an American, bipolar, aerialist tries to reconcile her suicidal inclinations, her past life as an air traffic controller and the pressures of training for opening night at the Vietnamese circus. High Flying Jade is the true story of a bipolar woman from Los Angeles who moved to Vietnam and joined the circus in Hồ Chí Minh City. In the US, Jade was an air traffic controller but repeated attempts at suicide culminated in ...

2019Documentary22 minPlay
0Truyên Ngan

Truyên Ngan

An (Phuong Anh Dao) - Phat (Lien Binh Phat) has a sweet love relationship. From childhood to becoming young people, both have for each other closeness and pure, carefree affection that cannot be hidden. Until the incident, An became a singer and fate pushed the couple to different choices, forcing them to separate. The sad frames like to signal storms in not only love but also their whole life.

2019Romance75 minPlay