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05 recuerdos

5 recuerdos

Irma walks up and down the aisles of a market repeating a list of ingredients to herself. She can remember the first four but keeps forgetting the fifth ingredient. To retrieve the lost memory, Irma embarks on a journey to the deepest part of her consciousness.

200912 minPlay
550 años de… Canciones

50 años de… Canciones

2009Documentary0 minPlay
054 Days this Winter 36 Days this Spring for 18 Minutes

54 Days this Winter 36 Days this Spring for 18 Minutes

Material is presented as short scenes: documentation of the quotidian, interviews, on-camera monologues, and performative or expressive shots that are constructed. So the material, while mostly generated as a diary, is heterogeneous enough to include just about any kind of footage. At one point, a baby cries inconsolably, in another, a boy in a baseball uniform is playing Bach while his mother sits next to him putting on mascara. The 18 minute video montage of impressions has a cumulative ...

200916 minPlay
05 Lessons and 9 Questions about Chinatown

5 Lessons and 9 Questions about Chinatown

You live somewhere, walk down the same street 50, 100, 10,000 times, each time taking in fragments, but never fully registering The Place. Years, decades go by and you continue, unseeing, possibly unseen. A building comes down, and before the next one is up you ask yourself 'what used to be there?' You are only vaguely aware of the district's shifting patterns and the sense that, since the 19th century, wave after wave of inhabitants have moved through and transformed these alleyways, ...

200910 minPlay
05 Lost at Sea

5 Lost at Sea

World sailor Jesse Martin takes 5 young people on a sailing adventure of a lifetime in search of paradise, but what they discover is not what they expect.

2009Documentary56 minPlay
7575 Castro St.

575 Castro St.

Images set to a tape recording that slain San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk made in November 1977 to be played in case he was killed.

2009Documentary8 minPlay
05… 6… 7… 8

5… 6… 7… 8

41 Dancers. 10 Performances. 104 Rehearsals. 473 Costumes. 2,197 Miles. One incredible year! Spend a year with the girls of Nova Jazz.

2009Documentary106 minPlay
TV7.250 States of Fright

50 States of Fright

A horror anthology series based on urban legends that takes viewers deeper into the horrors that lurk just beneath the surface of America.

2020Crime6 minPlay
6.35150 Elm’s Way

5150 Elm’s Way

5150 ELM'S WAY is located at the end of a quiet street in a small town. When Yannick fell off his bike, he knocked at the door of the Beaulieu residence so he could clean the blood off his hands. But Jack Beaulieu and his family had other plans for Ian. Beaulieu is a righteous psychopath and fanatic chess player who wants to rid the world of evil. And even though Ian has done nothing wrong, he is beaten, tortured and tormented before Beaulieu makes him an offer: win at chess and he is free ...

2009Drama110 minPlay
5.35 Minute Dating

5 Minute Dating

"Welcome to 5 Minute Dating. Never sad. Never lonely. There is a great possibility you will finally meet your soul-mate." (IMDb)

2010Comedy7 minPlay
4.55x Favela, Now by Ourselves

5x Favela, Now by Ourselves

The project '5 x slum, now by ourselves' gathered over 80 young people from Rio's favelas (slums), selected through workshops, script and filmmaking techniques to create a feature film consisting of five stories that reflect different facets of the daily lives of residents of these communities - with the promise of escape stereotypical representations.

2010Comedy96 minPlay
058: The Film

58: The Film

58: is the inspiring true story of the global Church in action. Witness bravery and determined faith in a journey from the slums of Kenya to the streets of New York. Confront the brutality of extreme poverty and meet those who live out the True Fast of Isaiah 58 and create stunning new possibilities for the future.

2011Documentary72 minPlay


A gay man's nightmare about aging. Constantly dancing between reality and fantasy, this fever dream has the punch of a heart attack and the heart of a punch.

2011Comedy4 minPlay
450 Years

50 Years

The remarkable true story of two men who stayed together as a couple despite all the odds. Surviving the closeted 1950's, the turbulent 1960's and 70's, the 80's AIDS crisis to present day, this enduring love story is an inspiration to couples everywhere.

201181 minPlay
105,000 Feet Is the Best

5,000 Feet Is the Best

5000 Feet is the Best is a film based on two conversations that artist Omer Fast conducted in the fall of 2010 with a former Predator Drone aerial vehicle operator-turned Las Vegas casino security guard. The interviews are the seedbed from which Fast has pulled themes of remote warfare and the psychological effects of it on the Drone pilot, suggesting the implications of these things on current culture at large. Fast’s film sutures together reality and fiction and deflects any pat or ...

2011War30 minPlay
5500 Balazos 2 (El principio)

500 Balazos 2 (El principio)

201191 minPlay
65th & Alameda

5th & Alameda

Sara, a pregnant woman, is the innocent bystander in a robbery, committed by reluctant criminal, Derek. After being accidentally shot in the robbery, Sara loses her child. Returning home, she is shocked to find Derek there with a gun, but things are not as they seem. Determined to do penance for a lifetime of bad choices, Derek places himself in Sara's power, and Sara, who has been viciously abused by men in the past, takes the opportunity for vengeance. As they grow to know each other, ...

2011Drama123 minPlay


Due to political pressure from the American public, the Air Force has decided to allow two well-known reporters limited access to the most secretive base on the planet. But when one of the base’s “long-term visitors” exploits this unprecedented visit as a chance to liberate himself and his fellow alien captives, Area 51 turns from a secure government base to a horrifying destination of terror.

2011Horror87 minPlay
5.65 Days of War

5 Days of War

An American journalist and his cameraman are caught in the combat zone during the first Russian airstrikes against Georgia. Rescuing Tatia, a young Georgian schoolteacher separated from her family during the attack, the two reporters agree to help reunite her with her family in exchange for serving as their interpreter. As the three attempt to escape to safety, they witness--and document--the devastation from the full-scale crossfire and cold-blooded murder of innocent civilians.

2011Drama113 minPlay


Inspired by a true story, a comedy centered on a 27-year-old guy who learns of his cancer diagnosis and his subsequent struggle to beat the disease.

2011Comedy100 minPlay
7.950 Greatest Harry Potter Moments

50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments

To mark the release two weeks ago of the eighth and final movie in the series, Robbie Coltrane narrates a countdown of the movie franchise's best moments. From Harry's first meeting with Ron and Hermione aboard the Hogwarts Express through to magical mysteries.

2011Documentary93 minPlay
05 Minutes of Freedom

5 Minutes of Freedom

On August 25, 1968, 7 people gathered in Lobnya Square in Moscow protesting against the entry of troops of the Warsaw Pact countries into Czechoslovakia. For 5 minutes of freedom in the main square of the Soviet Union, they paid years of prisons, links and camps. The authors of the film meet three participants of the legendary "demonstration of seven" and show young fighters for human rights in modern Russia. Who are they - the dissenters of our time - and what are they willing to sacrifice ...

201286 minPlay
051 Paintings

51 Paintings

2012Drama0 minPlay
0509 Films: Volume 7

509 Films: Volume 7

Volume 7 from 509 takes the snowmobile film industry to a whole new level. Featuring the industries top riders, paired with never before used film techniques, Volume 7 is a visual masterpiece that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Filmed using multiple RED® cameras and gyro stabilized helicopter cameras, witness what happens when the industry's best riders, wearing the best gear, take to the backcountry and raise the bar!

201259 minPlay